September 20, 2018

Hello from the team here at Bright Pixels, the creators of FamilyGO.  


The idea for FamilyGO was born soon after we gave our children tablet devices as gifts and realized how disruptive they could be.

Our children absolutely loved the devices, immediately became immersed in them and could sit for hours playing and watching videos. We soon realized they didn't want to do anything other than play on their device. Things they use to like to do were no longer important. When taking the devices away, we would sometimes see uncharacteristically strong resistance and attitude. We realized we made a mistake and something needed to change.

Simply taking them away was an option but in limit dosages the tablets were actually good in many ways. We searched for parent control apps and found a handful of them. Each had different features, different ways to limit and monitor so we tried a few of them out. Most of them worked as advertised and helped us set limits.  

To our children, these products were public enemy number one. To them, they did nothing but take away the most important thing in their lives. Simply taking the devices away was an effective approach, but wasn't going to be a long term solution.

We found that no single product did exactly what we needed at the time. We really wanted the ability to set limits across every device our children had access to. We wanted to use the devices as a motivator because they were so important to our children.  We wanted to teach our kids the dangers of device addiction and the importance of being balanced individuals.

This was our goal for FamilyGO. A parental control app that could limit time on multiple device types per child, could provide a game-like environment to encourage kids to do healthy activities in the real world, and teach the importance of being well-balanced people.  


We just released our first version which we believe is a big step in this direction. We are working to add more device types and improve the product as we get more feedback from customers.

Our app is ad-free and we don't sell your information to anyone. If you like our app, please show us by subscribing to one of our subscription plans. And if you ever have a idea that would help you and improve FamilyGO, please let us know.

Thank for using FamilyGO,

The Team at Bright Pixels