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Marc Zapf
May 22, 2019
Hi Joy, FamilyGO gives you a 14-day Introduction subscription which gives you all the functionality of a paid subscription but for no cost. When the introduction subscription expires, you will automatically be transitioned to a Basic subscription which has less functionality and again is complete free. We don't automatically sign you up for a paid subscription, so most likely you are using a free subscription that will continue to free as long as you don't choose to purchase a paid subscription. To make sure, you can navigate to the FamilyGO Subscriptions page. To get there, in FamilyGO tap the Crown icon on the upper right main screen. Then tap the Game Masters (Parents) button followed by the Subscription button. On this page, you will see your currently selected subscription and it's cost. If your selected subscription is Basic or Intro, you have a free subscription and will not be charged. At any time, you can choose to purchase a paid subscription. To select a new subscription, tap the subscription you'd like, then tap the Select button. This will contact the App Store for your device (either Apple App Store or the Google Play store) and you will see additional prompts from that App Store to guide you through the purchase process. The purchase process for the paid subscriptions is very clear and detailed so it would be difficult to unknowingly purchase a paid subscription. FamilyGO paid subscriptions are managed through the App Store, so they can be viewed, managed, canceled just like any subscription you have through your device's App Store. Please let me know if you any trouble locating your current subscription info, or if you need any other assistance. Thank you so much for your interest in FamilyGO. Marc
Marc Zapf
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